Message for Hackers

Message for Hackers

You are here because you tried to hack this site.

Asking you

Hacking a site means harming others. He can never be good who harms others. Are you mentally at peace?

Basically what are the reasons you want to hack?

Did you know?

Did you know this is a religious site? This site offers free religious books and other services.
This site is an ad-free site so that users don’t get bothered by ads when learning about religion, and it is run at personal expense.
It is not run by any company or foundation, and is not affiliated with any group – it is completely privately run.


Invite you to do

Thank you very much for coming this far which means you read the whole thing. Asa will try to follow the advice.
Even if you can’t benefit others, don’t harm them, so you can have mental peace.
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Message for Hackers